Objective & Benefits

The objective of our project is the realization of a Plug & Play control and management platform for process optimization and service improvement both from a qualitative and quantitative point of view. The system is a modular, scalable and minimally invasive solution, being able to rely, without replacing, the existing systems, allowing to pursue a gradual approach towards an "industry 4.0” system.
Benefits for KAD3 srl
The platform can represent a fundamental driving force for the development of new IOT services of KAD3 srl. The potential of the EnPAS platform, which is intended to be designed and developed through the present project, is represented by the flexibility of implementation and use that it is intended to give to the same in different contexts.
Benefits for all stakeholders
Small manufacturing companies need to collect data from products and / or production lines and turn those data into knowledge. This product is intended for SMEs, excluded until now from the possibility of acquiring supervisory systems to carry out process optimization due to the excessive prices caused by the presence on the market of a few large manufacturers. The innovative EnPAS system is a "turnkey" solution, minimally invasive and easily configurable.