This page collects all the FAQ concerning the ENPAS research project. The FAQs are the result of requests for clarification to the most frequent and pertinent questions posed by the stakeholders of the ENPAS system.

What does ENPAS mean?

ENPAS is the acronym for: plug and play Energy and Production Assessment System

Does the ENPAS system consist of software only?

NO, the ENPAS system represents a Harware + Software platform that allows you to implement the monitoring and control of production processes in a simplified way. The ENPAS system consists of a hardware section, consisting of the ENPAS BOX (acquires information from the field) and a software section which communicates with the field section.

Does the ENPAS system only allow the monitoring of exergy?

NO, the ENPAS system allows you to monitor any variable / size through the use of field sensors connected to the ENPAS BOX.

Does the ENPAS Box only acquire digital signals?

NO, the ENPAS BOX also allows you to acquire analog signals also thanks to the possibility of using different field protocols for communication.

For any doubt or request relating to the ENPAS system you can use the ‘Contacts‘ section to contact us.